Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What happens if my sitter becomes ill or injured?
A. Our "No Pet Left Behind" guarantee provides that there is always a back up sitter available who is trained and aware of your specific needs.

Q. What happens if my pet becomes injured or ill?
A. We are dedicated to excellent care of your pet. In the event of an emergency we will take your pet to the nearest animal hospital or your own vet. At this same time we will be contacting you or your emergency contact person. The assigned pet sitter will remain with your pet until you are reached and appropriate action is taken.

Q. What is the purpose of the email service confirmation that gets sent when I book a service?
A. The schedule confirmation messages are service we offer primarily for peace of mind for you. Having the dates of service correct, the services to be delivered clearly documented eliminates any possible confusion or misunderstanding. The service confirmations also keep you updated on the status of any credit or balances you may have on file from returning home early or by extending your trip.

Q. If I get a confirmation email message, and need to adjust the dates of service or services being delivered, what should I do?
A. You can email the changes to us or you can call our office.  We will make the adjustments to the staff schedule and send you and updated confirmation. A change fee may be imposed depending on the season, staff availability, or other factors.

Q. Can I make changes to my service order using the web?
A. At the present time changes to all service orders need to be made via email or telephone call. All changes need to be confirmed by our office.

Q. How do I pay?
A. Checks are made payable to Pets Are People Too!.

Q. Will I always have the same pet sitter?
A. Yes, your pet sitter is YOUR assigned sitter and someone you can build a long-term relationship with. The only time you would have a different sitter is in the event of illness or injury to your assigned sitter. The backup sitter will be trained and aware of all your needs and will be another Pets Are People Too! LLC staff pet sitter.

Q. How are gratuities handled?
Gratuity is graciously accepted and may be offered directly to your pet sitter. If you would like to include a gratuity with your payment for pet sitting services you may and the full gratuity will be given to your pet sitter.