PSY Finalists
The Top Five Nominees for Pet Sitter of the Year are a group of colleagues every PSI member can be proud of! In the coming issues, you’ll get to know each of them better as they are featured in “Member Profiles.” We’ll begin with 2000 Pet Sitter of the Year Pat Love.

Pat started her pet sitting business, “Pets are People Too!” in 1994 in Hephzibah, GA, near Augusta. But she had pet sitting on her mind for many years prior to that. “I bought the first edition of Patti Moran’s ‘Pet Sitting for Profit’ back in 1987,” Pat explained. “I kept it on my side of the bed for 7 years until I finally got the nerve up to start my own pet sitting business.”

Today “Pets are People Too!” serves between 120-150 clients at any given time, which Pat considers a relatively small business. She operates with the help of full-time office staff and three independent contractors who work part time as pet sitters. “My biggest problem has been that since I am a small business, I have not always been able to accommodate new clients who call for service because I was already booked,” Pat said. “I was able to overcome this problem by starting ‘Pet Sitters of Augusta,’ which is our local PSI network. So, since 1996 we have been able to refer back and forth and it has helped tremendously. And not just for referrals because a sitter is booked, but also because some do overnight sittings and others don’t, some will administer medication and insulin shots, some offer specialized care for geriatric animals, etc. Our network helps ensure that all potential clients can find the right pet sitter for their specific needs.”

Many pet-related community outreach projects in the Augusta area have benefited from Pat’s involvement, too. She is active in the local Humane Society and assists clients who foster animals, working to place these animals in permanent, loving homes. Along with other pet sitters in the Augusta network, Pat helps set up information tables and booths at various events to educate pet owners and promote pet sitting as an industry.

In her nearly non-existent free time, Pat enjoys being with friends, shopping, reading and spending time with her own pets. She and her husband, Jerome, whom Pat calls a “saint,” live with four cats, two dogs and a tank of fish.

Given the opportunity to talk directly to other PSI members through this article, Pat reflected a minute, then said, “My greatest moment as a pet sitter came on Monday afternoon, March 28, 2000, when PSI called and told me I had been selected as Pet Sitter of the Year. But that was just personal recognition. In order for pet sitters to be recognized and respected as an industry, we must show true commitment to our clients and their pets and do the best job we possibly can while their pets are in our care.”