Meet the Pets are People Too! LLC Staff

Jennifer Reynolds is a life long animal lover who has worked with the Columbia County Humane Society in their beagle/beagle mix foster home. Jennifer has cared for as many as 30 beagles/beagle mixes at one time. These dogs range in age from young pups to very senior “petizens”. This meant knowing which dogs were on meds, needed insulin shots, special foods, special needs dogs, etc. Jennifer is a gem and worked with PAPT! LLC for four years prior to purchasing the business in January of 2006. Jennifer lives with her husband Brian, along with 1 dog, and 4 cats. A well rounded pet person!

Cindy Sammons is a true animal lover!  Cindy’s patience allows her to get close to the most nervous of animals and her fun loving spirit means all animals enjoy their time with her.  She can meet your pets needs be they shy or exuberant!  She shares her home with four fantastic dogs and would love to meet yours. 

Becky Kelly is a seasoned animal care giver. A lover of horses, she has cared and worked with these large animals all her life. She’s also wonderful with cats and dogs. Becky owns horses, dogs and a cat.

Amanda Meigs is a natural care giver. She has devoted her life to providing loving care for humans and animals alike. She has pet sat for many years and provides attentive care to the creatures who need her.